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LIDL Offers & LIDL Weekend Offers

LIDL Supermarket

Lidl is a German founded supermarket providing groceries and home essentials. Lidl launched in the UK in 1994. It opened its first branch in 1973 and operates in countries including France and, more recently, the USA.

The first Lidl GB store opened its doors in 1994 and, twenty five years later, we now have over 800 stores and thirteen regional distribution centres across Great Britain employing over 22,000 people.

LIDL take pride in providing to their customers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, and work closely with our suppliers to make this possible. LIDL also passionate about sourcing locally where possible, and British suppliers source approximately two-thirds of LIDL products.

LIDL Offers

Everyone knows we’re Lidl on price. So, it’s time to tell you what we’re Big on.

LIDL Big on Quality LIDL on Price. LIDL Big on Everything. Big on detergent that gets your socks white. Big on cuisine from far and wide. Big on carrots that crunch and chillies with bite. Big on brands and biscuits and baby stuff and bicycle pumps and butter.

  1. LIDL always give a program for their customer with the low price :
  2. 1. LIDL offers this week is a leaflet that published every Thursday. LIDL Leaflets will give you information about what’s on sale at LIDL for this week or the next week. very help you prepare and list what you need of course saving your money.
  3. 2. LIDL Weekend Offers is Huge deals from LIDL every weekend and will save up to 50%
  4. 3. LIDL offers this Thursday is Deals at LIDL every Thursday
  5. 4. LIDL Sunday is Deals at LIDL every Sunday
  6. 5. LIDL Pick of the Week is 12 deals weekly for your meals
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