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LiDL Gift Packs From 18th November 2021 LIDL Offers this Thursday


LiDL Thursday Offers

Hi Mom’s, Have you checked LiDL Thursday deals? Explore LiDL offers this Thursday from 18th Nov 2021 at here. “Gift Packs “

Do you desire to explore LiDL offers next Thursday? I wish you check the brochure on below! Regularly, we posted LiDL Thursday offers next week before the deal issue.

LiDL Offers this Week

Now Showing : LIDL Gift Packs special offers Thursday 18/11/21 (to enlarge just click the image)


LiDL Gift Packs From 18th November 2021 LIDL Offers this Thursday

What’s on sale in LIDL this Thursday?


  • A Pink G&T Moment Gift Pack
  • San Miguel Beer & Chalice Gift Pack
  • Guylian’s Prosecco Celebration
  • Beanies Coffee Gift Pack
  • Hobgoblin Bottle & Glass Gift Set
  • Belgian Ales Gift Pack
  • Ilchester® British Cheese Advent Calendar
  • Pink Gin Selection Gift Pack
  • The Whisky Selection Gift Pack
  • Jack Daniel’s Bottle & Glass Tumbler Gift Set
  • Nivea Pampering Rose Wash Bag
  • Nivea Men’s Get Ready Wash Bag
  • L’Oréal Alive & Kicking Gift Set
  • L’Oréal Beauty Like a Boss Gift Set
  • Brut Original Deodorant & Shower Gel Gift Set
  • Nivea Cracker Gift Set

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Don’t miss looking at and print off this week’s LiDL Thursday specials above from your local zone. The availability of stock for any product depends last stocks or taking part locations (local store). The retailers also can limit quantities.

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