07.01.13 Under-13s in Germany
Monday, 07 January 2013 13:09

An Under-13 squad travelled to Germany to take part in the U13 Euro-Cup in Heiden at the weekend and was very young side in comparison to the other teams taking part. The group may not always have got the results they would have liked in the 24 team indoor tournament, but the experience will have been very valuable in their footballing development.

It was always going to be tough against some of the top German sides in this age group, who regularly play indoor tournaments during the winter break. But Norwich produced some good football which impressed the locals during the qualifying group games on Friday night. Against v.v. Neptunia from the Netherlands they also secured a clear victory. City also impressed with their exemplary behaviour both on and off the pitch.

The coaching staff made use of Saturday for some light training and two short 9-a-side friendlies outside on the synthetic pitch in Heiden. Here the boys looked much more at home and led against  VfR Aalen for much of the first game before conceding a late equaliser in a 3-3 draw. Against the Under-15 side from hosts Viktoria Heiden the lads suffered an unlucky defeat against opponents that in some case were three years older than themselves.

Sunday morning saw the squad go undefeated in their three final games of the indoor tournament to round off a tiring but fulfilling overseas trip.

Norwich City Squad: Sam Blackiston, Josh Monteirio, Alfie Payne, Connor Parsons, Josh Pond, Keats Staines, Levi Brown, Karol Wengrzik, Joao Rangel, Glen Middleton, Sonny Carey. 


Photo Gallery from Friday evening Indoor Tournament

Photo Gallery from Saturday friendlies


Report and Photos courtesy Paul Standley




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